Adam Roberts

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three 2006


3 installed in What If... exhiobition at Siobhan Davies Studios, London April2010, curated by Lucy Cash

two screen video loop
video, 2x16:9, colour

My starting point was curiosity about the possibility of very long takes. My work so far had been film-based where long takes are unusual. With video it is cheap and easy not to stop. If I didn’t tell the performer whether and when I planned to stop the camera, then he or she would be trapped in an open ended performance. They’d just have to get used to it. The moment of creation would be made permanent in a way not possible in any other circumstance.

I hoped also to accentuate the performers’ predicament by telling one of them that they are visible to the other, but not vice versa. This is like one being a ghost, an invisible ghost. In a second take, for the second screen, I reversed their roles. And invisible to both performers, in any case, is the camera - as is, to be strict, the gallery visitor.

But I also wanted the camera to be a protagonist and so I devised a simple regime, so that the camera was restlessly following lines of sight and directions of action. This movement would generate a third subjectivity.

The relationship between the two screens and the gallery viewer sets up further inter-subjective possibilities. I hoped this would provide a set of woven tensions sufficient to hold and reward attention.

Created with: Gerard Bell / Raquel Cassidy

concept/camera/direction: Adam Roberts