Adam Roberts

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Singing 2003

18 mins, video, 1.33:1, colour

This was the first time I used video tape. What interested me above all was the possibility to experiment with dissolves - get the timing right and there can be accidental but pleasing overlaps and repetitions. This is all but impossible to do if shooting and editing on film because the final timing and appearance of a dissolve is a matter of guesswork. In a digital video edit, the dissolve and be previewed and adjusted at will.

I also enjoyed setting the camera on a slant, which seemed to me to produce interesting interactions with the movement. Tensions that no real world viewer ever experiences, because even if you tilt your head, the horizon will always appear level. The steady frame and sloping horizon in the video image is something else.

dancers: Lynn Bristow, Jonathan Burrows

choreography: Jonathan Burrows

music: Matteo Fargion

camera/direction/editing: Adam Roberts