Adam Roberts

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Remake 2011

51 mins, Super8/digital, 1.33.:1, b&w

31 mins Remake is a re-shooting of Atom Age Vampire, which is a dubbed version of Seddok, l'erede di Satana, which is itself a remake of Les yeux sans visage (Georges Franju, 1960). More or less, the shots have been recreated to preserve the framing, focus and moves of Seddock's camera - minus its cast. The texture and image quality of the film is intended to evoke the poor quality of films that once circulated on poor 16mm prints, worse VHS tape and now in extremely poor YouTube copies. This film also exists in limbo - rights unclaimed and untraceable - known only to a few, a predicament of a number of films that are now known as 'orphan films'. Remaking is a familiar process, harking back to copies of paintings made in a previous era.

This film is an experiment, removing the human presence from the film frame but preserving the effect of human presence. It is a response to Gorky's comment that film is a "kingdom of shadows": he was talking about seeing film images of people as ghosts, preserved eternally on a film of emulsion. I thought to remove these ghosts and see what remains.

director/camera/editing: Adam Roberts

Published by filmarmalade artists film and video

Available from the BFI Filmstore