Adam Roberts

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Both Sitting Duet 2003

44 mins, video, 16:9, colour

A video tape of Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion performing their theatre piece, but not live. The brief was to shoot a video tape that could be used to market the theatre piece.

This was the second time I had used video tape, which enabled the film to be shot in an afternoon. No crew was required, other than a theatre technician to replicate the simple lighting used for the piece. The film was edited on a computer, and distributed on DVDs. This convenience and ease is of course more of a trap than an opportunity since the decisions do not present themselves so clearly as they might on a film shoot. Video seduces with its seeming simplicity.

I decided before shooting that I would alternate two angles for two thirds of the film, and then introduce a third angle for the final third.

Both Sitting Duet devised and performed: Matteo Fargion & Jonathan Burrows

Lighting: Roman Bezdyk

camera, editing, direction: Adam Roberts